About Sonali


Sonali Fiske is a woman-identified, Sri Lankan-born, California-grown leadership mentor, radio talk show host, spoken word artist, writer, international speaker, and mama to one teenaged-son. Her everyday work is to fortify and amplify revolutionary BIPoC* voices in a collapsing white-dominant, colonized landscape. Her other devotions are centering racial justice and social change on her show, writing to heal, ocean talk as soul survival & her mother’s rice & curry.

​Sonali is also a part of the local International Council of Interfaith & Indigenous Women.

She speaks 3 languages, has visited 32 countries (so far), and is living out her life story in Orange County, CA. You can contact Sonali directly at: sonali@sonalifiske.com

*Sonali specifically mentors trans and cis womxn and non-binary and gender nonconforming people who are open to being in femme centered space.


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