Leadership Consultant, International Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host, Advocate for BIWoC

Revolutionaries Take the Mic

Welcome Revolutionary Leaders!

The new cohort begins in June! Applications are currently open.

Applications are open to trans, cis women, non-binary and gender nonconforming people who are open to learning in a femme-centered space.

Welcome to the Black, Indigenous, Women and femmes of Color rising into self-authority, leadership and influence!

Listen, we all know that women-identifying leaders of color have always been tirelessly speaking up and speaking out. In their communities, online, on Sunday Talk Shows, as writers, in the workplace, and on the stage.​ But they’re not always being heard.

If you are a 'yes' then join the vibrant, truth-telling BIPoC, ready to counter the existing narrative, and take your rightful and equitable space in our society. It's time. It's your time.

Not just to challenge the existing societal norms or shift the status quo. But because it is time to reclaim your inherent ancestral intelligence, your traditional knowledge, your personal truth.

It is time to amplify your self-authority and be unapologetic about the causes and issues you care deeply about.

Stand on the street corner if you have to! grab that mic!

If you’re ready to bring your message into the spotlight, to inform and educate the emerging culture through a decolonial, anti-racist, and equitable lens, let’s go!

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October 11th, at 1 PM PST.

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